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Ceralsio is a ceramic surface that lends itself to any exterior and interior space, thanks to its beauty inspired by nature, versatility, stain resistance and durable manufacture.

Ceralsio worktops make for a great choice when used as kitchen worktops, wall & flooring decoration, and bathroom vanity tops. Ceralsio surfaces are available in 27 colours and come in thicknesses increments of 12mm, 10mm and 6mm.


Ceralsio is at the forefront of innovation, versatility, and durability; making for an eco-friendly and convenient choice for all design and building needs.

Ceralsio worktops bring a number of advantages when used in outdoor and indoor spaces, including strong resistance to everyday wear and tear caused by scratching, chemical cleaners, stains and UV light from both natural and artificial sources. This level of resistance is thanks to the manufacturing process that sees Ceralsio being pore-free and made from a hard material that can withstand common countertop damage.

Each Ceralsio worktop is also easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect choice for both kitchens and bathrooms that see day-to-day use – the non-porous design also limits the build-up of bacteria and other hidden germs so the surface remains hygienic and bacteria-free.

Ceralsio ceramic surfaces have been developed and manufactured using a precise fully digital printing system and high-grade materials, making for one of the most unique and highest quality porcelain surfaces possible.

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