Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana worktops are one of the most popular choices on the UK stone market today. Stone Italiana provides a durable, highly resistant and impressive surface available in a wide range of textures and colours.


Stone Italiana worktops are manufactured by combining a quality selection of quartz and marble crystals that are bound using strong resin pigments. Fragments of glass, shell and quartz are then added to craft a special and timeless surface.

Stone Italiana quartz can be topped with a polished surface to suit any lighting needs and to play up the grainy textures of the surface. An unpolished surface is also an option for those that prefer a more matte look.

Stone Italiana worktops are not just a great option for their gorgeous and textured surface, Stone Italiana surfaces are a powerful tool for the home thanks to their non-porous and scratch-resistant qualities. Each surface is resistant to moisture and staining that can affect the surface of the quartz – this can be easily cleaned up with warm water and a cleaning solution. Common occurrences like these in a home environment make Stone Italiana countertops a great choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces due to their versatility and hygienic properties.

Stone Italiana mirrors the beauty of the natural world, creating a robust and effective surface for any interior design.

Stone Italiana
High-end hallway featuring Stone Italiana marble
Stone Italiana worktop
Stone Italiana quartz
Stone Italiana quartz worktops
Stone Italiana quartz worktop
Stone Italiana countertops
Stone Italiana countertop in a modern kitchen
Stone Italiana surfaces


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