Concrete Style Quartz Worktops

Concrete Effect Worktops are currently on-trend, due to the nature of concrete worktops quartz has advantages such as ease and speed of installation.

Currently, Caesarstone has some amazing colours in their metropolitan collection that mimic concrete Airy concrete, Cloudburst concrete, Fresh Concrete and the Excava and Primordia are amazing natural looking concretes.


The Infinity range also has the popular White concrete and Volcanic Grey, amazing colours to add some urban chic to any environment.

Both the above product ranges combine the high performance and strength of manufactured surfaces with the beauty and feel of more natural stones and materials. Concrete Effect worktops are some of the most popular surfaces that are used in both residential and commercial architecture, and the level of customisability that it has to offer in the building industry makes it an affordable choice for those who like the natural look of stone but want a countertop that is easier to maintain.

The Concrete Effect Quartz Worktops combine the best of both worlds, granting the natural look of concrete with the low maintenance and high resistance of quartz.

Quartz Worktops are created by mixing refined quartz crystals (93%) with polyester pigments and a resin binder (7%), offering a unique range of colours, textures, and polished finishes to complement any style of decoration.

The process of creating Concrete Effect Quartz Worktops results in a surface that is more robust and refined when compared to natural stones including concrete, granite and marble. Concrete Effect Quartz Worktops are manufactured to be a non-porous material that is highly resistant to the likes of staining, scratches and heat. These worktops are also low maintenance, requiring just warm water, soap and a cloth to maintain their factory finish.

Concrete Style Quartz Worktops Granite House
Concrete style quartz
Concrete effect quartz


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