Infiniti Stone Quartz surfaces

Infiniti Stone is an elegant stone manufactured to the highest standard that is recognised worldwide for its top-level performance quartz and 100% engineered to ensure a non-porous surface and quality finish.


Infiniti Stone is available in a wide range of different textures, patterns and colours to match your own design needs – with infinite possibilities for decor styling and colour matching. Infiniti Stone is manufactured by combining quartz, colour pigments and a unique polymer resin. This process can push quartz far beyond its natural properties and create a strong, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing material for home and commercial use.

The Infiniti stone brand surpasses the already high standards of the stone and fabrication industries, making use of state of the art technology and manufacturing techniques to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition.

Infiniti Stone quartz are designed and engineered with cleaning and maintenance in mind, all 21 styles and colours feature a non-porous surface proving to be highly resistant to everyday stains and scratches, as well as cleaning products and general wear and tear.

This stylish and luxurious Infiniti Stone quartz collection is exclusive to Granite House and represents excellent value when compared to other quartz worktop ranges, with an emphasis on unique styling and finish. Whether you are building your dream project or designing and remodelling your current home, Infiniti Stone is the perfect option for you.

Infiniti Stone
Infiniti Stone - Granite House
Infiniti Stone worktops
Infiniti Stone worktop
Infiniti Stone countertops
Infiniti Stone countertops
Infiniti Stone countertop
Infiniti Stone surfaces
Infiniti Stone surfaces


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