Compac is a leading manufacturer of high-quality decorative surfaces found in Spain, 1975. The company specialises in the production and distribution of quartz and marble surfaces for use in a number of indoor applications.


Compac quartz surfaces are fabricated by combining the finest quality quartz crystals, resin, and colour pigments to produce a quality exterior made up of a wide range of natural colours and fragmented patterning. The texture of the surface can be customised to suit your needs, from simple colours to more complex styles encompassing marble-effect and grainy aesthetics

Combining the beauty of the natural world with the high performance and durability of a fabricated stone surface, Compac worktops has more to offer than the likes of pure granite and marble worktops, with an emphasis on customisability and a unique finish. The versatility of Compac quartz makes it the perfect accompaniment for any kitchen, bathroom or other interior use.

All Compac quartz surfaces are designed to offer the greatest level of protection and ease of use for any modern home, the non-porous finish of each slab makes them highly resistant to the everyday staining and moisture that can occur in the home, ensuring a hygienic surface with no bubbling and cracking. The same is also true of resistance to scratches and heat exposure, making them an ideal choice for both kitchen and bathroom settings.

Compac quartz surfaces
Corridor with black tiled floors
Compac surfaces
Compac worktops
Compac worktop
Compac countertops
Luxury living room with tiled floor
Compac quartz


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