Diresco is a Belgian company specialising in the fabrication of high-quality quartz composite surfaces made up of a unique combination of quartz or granite crystals, plant-based resins and polymer colour pigments to lend each Diresco quartz surface a variety of textures and patterns.

This Diresco worktop blend creates a beautiful, durable and eco-friendly surface that can help to elevate both contemporary and more traditional designs given the natural stone aesthetic.


Diresco worktops are manufactured using the very latest in fabrication processes and natural engineering technologies. Diresco is fabricated to the highest level of strength and durability, especially when compared to other popular worktop staples like marble and granite. The combination of resin and polymer pigments grants Diresco a surface that is non-porous and non-absorbent, making them a great option for kitchen and bathroom use where staining and moisture build-up will not be an issue for such a high-quality surface.

Diresco worktops come in a variety of colours with either an anticatto and polished finish. Each texture adds a distinctive layer to your chosen surface including a course, sand-like effect or a fragmented effect made up of fragments and pebble-like shapes.

Worktops can be susceptible to damage in both indoor and outdoor applications, Diresco creates low maintenance surface for use in all areas of the house, including outdoor spaces thanks to the UV protection that will keep the surface style from fading, meaning that you can enjoy your worktop for many years to come without a loss in quality.

Traditional kitchen with white worktops
Diresco worktop
Diresco worktop
Diresco staircase
Diresco fireplace
Traditional kitchen with cream coloured worktops
Diresco countertops


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