Quarella quartz worktops bring Italian design and the highly engineered stone fabrication processes into one quality product. These durable worktops are the perfect accompaniment to any residential and commercial space – including kitchens, as well as bathrooms and furniture.

Quarella worktops are the product of vast research and development into resin-based surfaces and the elegance of natural stone.


Quarella worktops are one of the world’s leading choices thanks to the surface’s practicality and quality. Quarella worktops are manufactured with approximately 95% of the finest quality quartz crystals, combined with glass, quartz fragments and stone pebbles to create a unique surface made up of a variety of colours and shapes.

Quarella worktops are fabricated with a resin polymer that creates a tight surface that is non-porous and anti-bacterial, blocking food and drink stains from seeping under the surface – ensuring that the texture and patterns remain colourful and factory-new. Quarella also requires very little in the way of maintenance in day-to-day use that requires a small amount of warm water and a cleaning solution to a high standard.

Lending natural character, high durability and an incomparable aesthetic, Quarella worktops are the ideal option for those looking to elevate their interior spaces with a quartz worktop that is built to last.

Tiled area in a shopping centre
Quarella quartz worktop
Quarella quartz
Quarella worktops
Quarella worktop
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Quarella Countertops


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