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Caesarstone is a world-renowned manufacturer of unique and premium quartz surfaces, which are a popular choice in both the residential and commercial sectors. These quartz surfaces boast a range of applications including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, countertops, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces.


Caesarstone worktops are created using one of nature’s toughest minerals, quartz, offering both practicality and distinctive design. Caesarstone worktops are meticulously examined and manufactured to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

Quartz is more durable than other popular decor options like marble or granite, its natural resistance to the everyday obstacles found in the home including stains and scratches. Caesarstone surfaces do not need to be sealed or treated, making them easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. Cleaning is made easy too and a simple wipe with soap and warm water will be all that you need to keep a Caesarstone surface in factory condition.

Caesarstone combines the beauty of the natural world with outstanding performance and practicality, making it the perfect choice for bringing your interior design ideas to life. Caesarstone worktops offer design flexibility, thanks to their durable and beautiful surface. Each slab can be shaped, cut, and carved into any form that you require, making it a great choice for even the most abstract design.

Caesarstone countertops
A traditional kitchen with white worktops
Caesarstone worktops
Caesarstone worktop
Caesarstone countertops
Caesarstone countertop
Caesarstone surface
A modern kitchen with white worktops
Caesarstone quartz


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