Dekton is a brand of sintered stone manufactured by the Spanish company Cosentino. It is made from a blend of ceramic, glass, and porcelain powders that are fused under high pressure and heat. Dekton has many advantages over traditional materials such as granite or quartz.

It is non-porous, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Dekton is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes, making it a versatile material for both indoor and outdoor applications. While Dekton worktops are more expensive than other options on the market, they are an investment that will last a lifetime.

From the same team behind Sensa worktops, Dekton worktops are Cosentino’s new innovation in the world of indoor and outdoor worktops. Dekton worktops are produced with a mix of porcelain, quartz and glass to offer unbeatable durability and astounding aesthetics. Perfect for either indoor or outdoor use, Dekton worktops feature high resistance to UV rays which helps the worktops last for years on end.

Dekton is a brand of ultra-compact surfaces, created for the world of design and architecture. Dekton worktops are made from a blend of raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces, resulting in an extremely strong and durable product. Dekton worktops are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Because Dekton is so strong, it is also resistant to scratches, stains and heat damage, making it the perfect choice for busy families. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen worktop or an update for your bathroom, Dekton is the ideal solution.

More About Dekton

Dekton worktops are one of the best choices for those seeking solid worktops that present an excellent range of features such as:

  • stain-resistant technology
  • built-in UV protection
  • waterproofed technology
  • impact resistance
  • heat resistance

Dekton worktops feature zero water absorption and high UV resistance (for outdoor use). Dekton is also ice & thawing resistant as well as fireproof with high resistance to fire and heat. Abrasion & stain resistance are other major benefits of Dekton and constant contact with water will not damage the surface in any way. Dekton worktops can be bought in thicknesses of 8mm, 12mm & 20mm and the largest size available is 1440mm x 3200mm.

Each Dekton surface has been meticulously crafted to create individual tone, texture and colour options. The Dekton range is available in a number of finishes including Xgloss: high-end polishing and water-resistant properties, Ultra Matte: matte surface with an emphasis on simplicity, and Ultra Texture: natural wood, marble and slate designs.

The raw materials that make up the surface of each Dekton worktop are perfect for all indoor and outdoor needs. The high resistance to UV rays found within each Dekton surface makes it a great option for outdoor use, without losing the durability and aesthetic of the surface.

Dekton worktops are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also provide any outdoor and indoor area with a wide range of resistance to household staining and surface scratching. The material is non-porous ensuring that the surface is resistant to abrasive cleaning products and common kitchen stains. Dekton is also highly resistant to the heat created by the likes of hot pans and boiling water.

Dekton worktops are guaranteed quality for decades, with a versatile surface that will make for a unique addition to any home or business.


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