CRL Quartz / CRL Stone

Being a prominent figure in the stone industry for the last 20 years, CRL Stone has built their name on quality ceramic and quartz surfaces featuring more than 60 colours and finishes to suit any home styling and decor.

CRL Quartz is a highly engineered quartz stone that is suited for use across all interior and exterior spaces. The quartz format provides a polished finish in thicknesses of 20 and 30mm, and a wide range of colours that grants your living space natural beauty, hard-wearing resistance and versatile application – from wall and floor designs, to kitchens and bathrooms.


CRL Stone is made up of two surface types: CRL Quartz and Ceralsio ceramic.

Ceralsio is a ceramic surface that lends itself to any exterior and interior space, thanks to its natural beauty, versatility and rugged design. This high-quality ceramic is a great choice for kitchen worktops, wall & flooring cladding, and bathroom vanity tops thanks to strong resistance from everyday wear and tear, including staining and scratching.

Each surface comes in slab form to allow for greater shaping, allow for an infinite number of designs and fabrication methods to take place.

Both styles of surface are created with the current trends in mind, with emphasis placed on the busy and hectic lifestyles of the modern world – without losing the natural edge that makes stone a mainstay in many homes and businesses across the world.

CRL Stone
CRL Quartz surfaces
CRL stone surfaces
CRL Quartz
CRL Quartz and Ceralsio ceramic
CRL Quartz worktops
CRL Quartz worktop
CRL Stone worktops
CRL Stone


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