Samsung Radianz

Samsung Radianz worktops utilise state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes to create unique and high-performance quartz surfaces for use in multiple interior applications. Radianz makes use of Samsung’s cutting edge compression techniques to create a high-density material made up of pure quartz (93%) that is bound using polymer resins and pigments.


This design process applies the beauty and natural qualities of stone with the strength of a manufactured surface. This blend of technologies and nature allows designs that push past the aesthetic of natural stone. Samsung Radianz worktops feature a distinctive blend of colours and patterning to create an abstract, ultra-modern look.

Samsung Radianz Quartz worktops are currently available in a wide range of colours and stylings. Quartz is a quality mineral that adds texture and depth to any living space. Radianz Quartz is available in 25 colour styles with a range of crystal sizes to complement any kitchen design. Samsung Radianz Quartz worktops are a more durable and highly engineered surface than the likes of marble or granite worktops.

Samsung Radianz worktops are produced with resins and pigments to create a non-porous, sealed surface, this surface is highly resistant to staining, seeping, scratches, scrapes and heat that are commonly found in kitchen environments. These worktops are also almost maintenance-free as the sealant fights against the absorption of bacteria requiring only a light amount of cleaning to remain kitchen-safe.

Samsung Radianz
Samsung Radianz Quartz
Samsung Radianz Quartz worktops
Samsung Radianz Quartz worktop
Radianz Quartz
Samsung Radianz Quartz
Samsung Radianz
Radianz quartz surfaces


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