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TechniStone is a producer of high engineered stone renowned for its timeless designs, superior manufacturing quality and properties. TechiStone worktops create premium and durable composite surfaces that combine the strengths and features of both quartz and granite.


TechiStone worktops unique styling is created in the manufacturing process using colour pigments and crushed glass that are then formed into a surface using polyester resins. Each colour of TechniStone has its own texture and patterning made up of pebble-like chips, shells, mirrors, and grains. Each slab is cut and shaped into a perfect finish and thickness ready for use.

TechiStone worktops are an excellent choice for both interior residential and commercial projects, including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, tiling, staircases, tabletops and cladding. TechiStone worktops are long-lasting and durable surfaces that will elevate the look and feel of any space, whether it be a traditional layout or a more modern, more contemporary style.

TechniStone surfaces are manufactured to be non-porous material. Making for a low maintenance surface that negates liquid and bacteria, making TechiStone worktops an hygienic option for kitchens and bathrooms. TechniStone countertops are also resistant to everyday occurrences including scratches, scrapes, and stains.

Modern kitchen with wood aesthetic
TechiStone worktops
TechiStone worktop
TechniStone countertops
Modern fireplace made with granite
TechniStone countertop


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