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Cambria is a leading quartz manufacturer founded in the USA. This family-owned business has over 60 years of experience in the quartz fabrication industry, this experience has allowed the company to become a world leader in the market, producing some of the most luxurious and beautiful quartz surfaces available today.

Cambria Worktops offer some amazing natural-looking colours and excellent build quality, making them the perfect choice for use in the home and commercial settings.


Cambria quartz worktops & surfaces are inspired by the beauty and strength of natural stone, this has inspired the design process and the elements that are used to create an elegant and unique form of surface. Cambria is developed using 93% pure quartz, leaving out the porous, weaker minerals that are found in the likes of granite – which typically contains only 60% quartz.

Cambria worktops are manufactured to create a non-porous surface that won’t draw in moisture and other liquids., keeping the surface hygienic at all times. Cambria worktops are also great kitchen countertop options thanks to them being stain-free and scratch-resistant year on year without the need to periodically seal, polish or recover. The worktop surface is also a low maintenance option for those who are looking for a countertop that only requires household soap, warm water, and a cloth to maintain.

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