Enterance of Athelis Club and Spa

Athelis Club and Spa

Since Granite House’s founding in 2005, we have striven to deliver the best in quality and craftsmanship. Our work with the Athelis Club and Spa, located in Warrington, is no exception. Having experienced our superior eye for detail and perfection first-hand, Athelis has established a long-standing relationship with us, and that is why we were their first choice for this project.


We recently completed work on beautiful onyx displays for Athelis’ reception area and top-floor bar, as well as the staircase that brings the two locations together. We collaborated closely with APM Design Limited, the designer responsible for this project, to bring stunning elegance to the heart of Warrington.

High-grade quarries in Italy sourced the exquisite vein-cut onyx that adorns Athelis’ luxurious reception, welcoming patrons with our first-rate workmanship. The naturally warm material creates a welcoming ambience for Athelis members the instant they walk through the door.

For the bar, a dazzling cut of crystal onyx lights up the room thanks to its bespoke backlighting. This creates a stunning, luxurious atmosphere for the members of the club, and we are especially proud as it was designed and executed exactly to Athelis’ specifications.

Enterance of Athelis Club and Spa
Exterior of Athelis Club and Spa
Marble Stairs at Athelis Club and Spa

The staircase was assembled from infinity quartz, adorned with striking LEDs and gorgeous glass balustrading. This allowed us to create something both beautiful and practical – the material is hard-wearing and has no problems handling stains. We initially experienced some minor issues with the fitting of the balustrade, but thanks to our efforts to remain in contact with the contractor and two personal visits to the site, we were able to promptly resolve the problems and the end result was a staircase that was perfect for a high-traffic area that will continue to dazzle for years to come.

From start to finish, this project took twelve weeks to complete. We were able to finish our work so efficiently because, throughout the entire process, we worked incredibly closely with both the on-site contractors and Athelis themselves, ensuring swift and elegant completion.

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