Granite House has gained experience across a wide range of projects in its 16 years of business, and the work they recently completed on The Kuckoo Bar is a great example of their veteran skillset.

The Kuckoo Bar in Knutsford remains one of Granite House’s biggest challenges, but one that they were more than happy to take on. The work required the use of a particularly tricky material set alongside some of the most distinctive lighting the team have ever come across.

The project began when Kuckoo’s owner/director Richard Powell contacted Granite House after a positive recommendation. When designing and speccing the bar, he was looking for a company with experience to realise his vision. The fabrication company he used directed him to Granite House due to their expert experience in large-scale enterprises. A quick glance at their project history showcases their ability to complete significant plans such as bars and restaurants to tight deadlines, not to mention the name brand recognition associated with the team (Harrods and Wimbledon are among their satisfied clients).

To make his bar stand out from the crowd, Richard knew he needed his plans to be ambitious – something that would turn his bar into “a talking point”. The Kuckoo Bar has highly distinct red lighting, and he wanted a stone that accompanied this in a way that complemented this objective: to create something striking and memorable.

A successful project must be guided by detailed plans, and Richard had clear goals from the start. He set his mind on the Onyx stone to furnish the bar, but realised that many companies shy away from this stone due to its particularity. Though a stunning material, it is rather difficult to get right and requires an experienced team to know how to properly use it. Granite House saw this as a challenge, and jumped at the opportunity to work with something complicated and unique, confident that they could deliver what Richard wanted.

From the beginning, the team was aware of their budget restraints. After sourcing various Onyx stones that fit within this budget, they were able to simulate their designs digitally during the prototyping stage. This allowed Richard to select an Onyx stone that most accurately aligned with his vision for the bar. Simulating the stones eliminated any discrepancies between the planned design and the final product.

Like all challenges, this project was not without its problems, but the end result was a positive one. The whole endeavour, from picking the slabs to finishing the job, took seven weeks. Around three-and-a-half to four of these weeks were spent fitting the slabs. 

The end result is as striking as Richard had hoped. The Onyx stone, when backlit, produces a unique and dazzling prism effect that pairs wonderfully with the bar’s vivid lighting. Using Onyx effectively is no mean feat, but the team managed it wonderfully.

Despite a few bumps along the road, the work was remarkably smooth and efficient, leading to the foundation of a strong positive working relationship between Richard and the Granite House team. Future projects between the two are currently being planned, with full trust between both parties that the end results will be spectacular.

This positive rapport is at the heart of all Granite House projects. It is a strong philosophy among the team that any and all clients should feel 100% comfortable communicating ideas and voicing their opinions throughout the process. Ideas should be bounced around early on so that the right idea is uncovered. Budgets should be discussed in detail to reduce the occurrence of any unfortunate obstacles derailing the work. Above all, the final product should be an accurate representation of the client’s vision, so constant communication and transparency is a must.

Granite House are thrilled with how The Kuckoo Bar in Knutsford turned out, and are excited to continue their collaborative philosophy into all of their future projects.