Exterior shot of the Peninsula Hotel in London

The Peninsula London

The Peninsula is a long-standing brand whose hotels are defined by elegance and culture. All of their hotels represent an atmosphere of luxury, and this new location is no different. Plans for a London hotel have been considered for decades, so it is an honour to finally be tasked with bringing it to life. It took time to find the perfect location, but we are committed to embodying and reflecting the beauty of this space, which is situated in the heart of Belgravia, overlooking Hyde Park Corner and the Wellington Arch.


The London hotel had to embody all the elements that make their other hotels iconic. It will essentially act as a representation of the Peninsula brand to the UK’s largest and most diverse city.


Exterior shot of the Peninsula Hotel in London

It is an honour to be selected for such a prestigious project, but with our history of success, we are not at all concerned about our ability to meet such high standards.


The Peninsula are known for their commitment to accuracy – and so are we. They have rebuilt their London model room several times in different locations to ensure each detail is perfect. This level of rigorous testing proves there is no room for error, a value that we have always embodied.


We are tasked with providing the public areas, staircases, reception counters, and lounge tables plus entrance portico. Our process is extremely polished due to our 16 years of experience. We are committed to deciding on the perfect materials to be used, acquiring them from the highest quality source, and manufacturing them using our state-of-the-art CNC machines.



The Peninsula made a point to prioritise accuracy and reliability. Their relentless testing of all aspects of their hotels is a testament to their commitment to perfection. 


In that sense, it is clear why we have been chosen to lead this project. Granite House has worked with thousands of clients to produce consistently high-quality work surfaces. We have a reputation for our attention to detail, manufacturing skills, and consistent ability to always work to or ahead of deadlines.


We are incredibly pleased to be working with The Peninsula on this project and are confident it will turn out exactly as envisioned. Bringing this hotel to life is no mean feat, but our track record and proficiency speaks for itself. The Peninsula London is set to open in 2022.



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