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Absolute Black

Absolute Black Granite is the finest, extremely dark black, fine grained granite. Absolute Black is recommended for both interior and exterior use to create beautiful granite countertops.

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico granite worktops feature a soft grey background with deep taupe and pink flecks. This is a truly thrilling choice for a kitchen countertop.

Cosmic Black

Cosmic black granite from Brazil is bursting with elegant movement of silvers, golds and ivory. The silver and golden movements create beautiful veins that make a lot of movement throughout the entire Slab. These veins are very captivating and must be seen in real life to get an accurate impression of their exquisiteness.

Ivory Silk Granite

Ivory Silk Granite Worktops can transform the appearance of your kitchen with a spectacular high-end finish that is long lasting, hard-wearing and eye catching. This is a soft mixture of peach and burgundy streaking on a creamy background. Its calming colours and soft waves of movement make it a popular choice for proprietors and trade professionals.

Namibian Green

Extracted from the isolated rocky terrain of the Northern Cape region of Africa, Namibian Green granite portrays moss, sage, juniper greens, and mint meet with gentle whites and pale greys in a finely speckled movement. This remarkably versatile stone is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

RAW Concrete

Warm grey colour and distinctive surface brings the classic industrial concrete look. Added enhancing the overall appearance of Raw Concrete™ is the “Concrete” matt finish which brings a reliable industrial patina, look and touch to the surface and like all Caesarstone surfaces, never needs sealing. Related to the polished finish on other Caesarstone designs, the flat Concrete matte finish doesn’t cover marks as easily meaning more regular maintenance may be required.

Star galaxy

Suggestive of the night sky, the Star Galaxy granite slabs from India is a stunning stone that is a terrific addition to any kitchen. Ideal for those who want the impact of a black granite work surface but without the bluntness of plain black, this black stone has gold and coppery speckles

Statuario Maximus

Caesarstone’s new Statuario Maximus™ marble inspired design features broad deep grey veins extensive across its soft snowy base colour, further enhanced by delicate background veins. Due to the scale of this design, samples are intended only as a tonal representation of the background colour. As Statuario Maximus combines big veins with some minor unique natural difference between slabs, we encourage those of you that select this design to view your actual full slabs first hand prior to beginning fabrication.

Steel Grey

Steel Grey is textbook mid-range granite, not too light and not too dark, it can match almost any colour scheme in your home. It is great for busy families, as its varied patterns hide any sticky finger marks that your little ones might make, at the same time concealing any joins in the granite. It is easy to clean and a practical choice for people with busy lives.

Viscount White

Viscount White Granite is extracted from a quarry in India. The grey/black veining in Viscount White will vary within the block. Due to the characteristics of the stone, the slabs can be bookmatched; meaning slabs will be manufactured in such a way to create a mirror image of each other. this allows for a consistent flow in pattern.

Volga Blue

Volga Blue granite from the Ukraine is an attractive hard-wearing granite in shades of blacks and blues with brighter variations in greys.