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High-end fashion retailer, Club Monaco, is well known for its stylish and quality men’s and women’s clothing. Behind every brand is an image, and this image must be maintained to the highest level of quality and expertise. Club Monaco is no stranger to quality, so when it came time to renovate one of their high street stores – the hunt was on to find a countertop specialist and stone fabricator expert. The team behind Club Monaco enlisted the help of Granite House to focus their vision and to bring their ideas into reality.

The prestigious retailer laid out their ideas to the Granite House team, looking for a series of striking tables, shop floor furniture, and other decor pieces set in a high-quality marble that kept the colour scheme and aesthetic qualities of the signature store.

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Club Monaco
Club Monaco marble

Granite House was more than happy to take on the task and set out to collect a number of materials that could be of interest to Club Monaco. The team worked closely with international design house Vizona to select only the finest material suitable for the client’s needs and colour palette requirements; this partnership was instrumental in both the early and late stages of development, fabrication, and installation. Vizona was on hand to provide Granite House and Club Monaco with a range of bespoke shopfitting concepts and retail concepts. Product quality and safety was a high priority for all involved, so Granite House took full responsibility for the material sourced, making sure that Club Monaco was happy with the new tabletop surface that the team set out to use.

The team took the time to source the chosen material from Italy, including White Onyx and Grigio Orobico marble. These two beautiful and striking materials were the perfect fit for the aesthetic style of the shop floor and allowed Granite House to create a unique table surface.

Once the material arrived at the Granite House warehouse, the team got to work on crafting the intricate pieces required to form the furniture for the Club Monaco store. Each piece was fabricated to perfection, all the while maintaining the elegance of the natural marble stone. The team worked day by day to make sure that the project was completed on time and ahead of the deadline.

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Club Monaco project

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