Cleaning your granite worktop tips

When you look for a beautiful addition to your home, granite worktops add the extra touch to provide an elegant design. Maintaining granite countertops, to ensure that they always look as good as new is easy – following some simple tips will guarantee that your kitchen is always stunning.

Before Deep Cleaning

Before you clean your granite worktops to give them that beautiful shine you love, make sure that they are completely clear of any spills. A great way to guarantee that your worktops always keep their wonderful colour is to clean any spill or liquid as soon as it falls on the countertop. If, by chance, you happened to not catch it on time, a warm, wet rag will help loosen the residue.

A wet rag will also help you clean up all the crumbs from preparing food. Warm and soapy water will make sure that you catch any leftover debris that could still be on your worktops.

Cleaning your granite worktop tips

Don’t Use Chemicals

You can easily create your own homemade cleaning products with balanced pH – store bought products can often be too harsh for granite. Fill up your sink with warm, clean water (preferably filtered water) and mix a mild detergent in. Add a bit of rubbing alcohol for antiseptic and cleaning properties – its pH level of 7 won’t harm your worktops. After mixing your cleaning solution, allow it to cool down slightly so it’s not scalding hot.

For optimal cleaning, make sure that you don’t use any vinegar, ammonia, or lemon cleaners on your worktop. Granite is an extremely sturdy material, but acidic substances eat away at its surface; lemon and vinegar, in particular, have more acid that advisable from granite worktops.

Other Tips

White microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning your granite worktops as they are less likely to leave any fabric fibre behind. Make sure to soak the cloth in your cleaning product but don’t forget to remove the excess before using it!

Dome stains or debris might not be obvious to your eyes, so run your hand over your worktop for extra assurance that no stains or dirt were missed when you wiped them with a cloth. Keep a dry microfiber cloth at hand – it will make sure that your worktops are dry before any product streaks show us as they dry.

Cleaning your granite worktop tips

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