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A great worktop is a good deal more than just a slab of granite – it should be customised to perfectly fit the needs of your own kitchen. We often talk about the gadgets, decorations and organisational systems that you can use to bring purpose and personality to your kitchen, but what about the design of the worktops themselves?

If you’ve never done up your kitchen before, you might not know about the selection of different shapes you’ll need to make sure that your worktop, well, works for you.



A worktop cutout will be essential in just about any kitchen setup, since it makes space for appliances. While you can always have items such as ovens freestanding, it looks a lot tidier to have the worktop continue around the hob; it also allows for a much quicker clean-up operation! Similarly, your sink will be far better integrated into the overall design of the room if you make sure you’ve got a cutout that fits perfectly.

Upstands and Splashback


These sections of the worktop run up the wall at the back, ensuring a design that looks finished, and protecting your wall from rogue coffee spills and cooking splashes. We offer upstands at a few different heights, allowing you to choose for yourself the look that will be most appropriate for your home.

Return End and Edge Detail


Another chance to ensure that your kitchen looks exactly how you pictured it, these are the customisation options that provide those final touches. A return end is, quite simply, the section of worktop that sits at either end of the set-up, and you can choose from 9 different shapes, all in granite, to find the style that suits you.

From a simple straight edge to a sophisticated curve, have a browse – we know you’ll be able to find a shape that inspires you.

Drainer Groove


One of the more practical items on the list, drainer grooves by the side of the sink are a simple essential. Small notches cut into the worktop’s surface, drainer grooves run excess water back into the sink, allowing you to leave your crockery and cutlery to drain without worrying about a flooded floor.

Once you’ve decided on a granite worktop for your home, you can click through our full collection of services and start putting together the perfect list to bring your kitchen to life. Making sure you’ve chosen the right options for your space will help you achieve the look you’ve dreamed of – and with our other kitchen tips, you’ll have your house feeling like home in no time.

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