Granite Worktops in Cheshire and Lancashire

At Granite House, we provide high quality granite worktops in Cheshire, and with 30 beautiful granites on display in our showroom, we are confident that we can offer you the perfect granite worktop for your home.

Granite is one of the hardest materials in the world, second only to diamonds. As old as the Earth itself, it was used in the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and many of the world’s ancient temples. It also has additional advantages, including heat resistance, stain resistance and it can even add value to your home.

We provide the finest quality granite worktops in Lancashire, with many of our granites being quarried in Finland, Norway, Spain, Brazil, India, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Stunning granite workstops in Cheshire and Lancashire

Stunning Granite Worktops for Any Home

At Granite House, we can assure you that any granite you select from our showroom will be of impeccable quality and sourced from ethical producers. We offer a variety of different granite looks that are designed to suit your preferences, ensuring that your brand new worktop or hearth will be unique and the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

We also offer some of the rarest and most exclusive granites available, including Lamourian Blue from Madagascar and Labradourian Blue Austral, allowing you to add a touch of luxury to your interior design.

Contact Granite House for Quality Granite Worktops

Granite House offers a great range of granites that can easily work in any home, all of which are of superior quality and extremely durable.

The granite worktops we provide across Cheshire and Lancashire as a whole are the perfect addition to any home, and if you would like to experience the luxury of a granite worktop for yourself, get in touch with Granite House today.