What is the difference between granite & quartz worktops

Granite is an entirely natural product and once quarried is only polished before delivery to us. each slab is unique and the colour and patterns may vary very slightly from one batch to another, although usually we match the colour and pattern for each individual project.

Quartz is manufactured by crushing quartz with resins and dyes to form uniform slabs and is sourced from top manufacturers such as caesarstone, silestone, infinitistone and others.

Generally, granite tops are slightly more expensive than quartz, although depending on the manufacturer’s rating (group 1 to 6) the reverse can also be true. Cost also depends on the thickness of the material, between 20mm and 40mm, with 30mm being the average.

Which is more suitable?

Quartz is non-porous, which makes it extremely stain resistant, whereas granite is naturally porous and is permanently sealed after installation to repel liquids. both materials are extremely resistant to heat and scratching, so performance-wise there is very little to choose between them. You will be given a free granite house guide to the care and maintenance of your bespoke worktops upon installation.

Where can I compare samples of different materials and colours?

Our extensive showrooms display a tremendous variety of readily available natural granite, quartz and other surfaces. if we don’t have the exact colour/pattern that you prefer in stock, we will source your choice directly from our importer or manufacturer. this website displays most of our available materials, just click on the worktops icon in the products section.

How long will it take?

The normal turnaround from templating to installation is five working days, for example template Monday, installation the following Monday.

However certain non-standard surfaces such as porcelain will take longer but our dedicated customer services team will advise you of specific dates and times prior to manufacture.

When do I pay?

We ask for 50% of the agreed total cost plus vat upon acceptance of our sales invoice, with the balance paid on the day of installation.