child-friendly countertops

Back in July, we wrote an article that detailed just some of the things that you could do to make your worktop safe for children to work on.

This month, we’ve thought of a few more tips that we’d like to add – so we’re doing just that! Here are a few more helpful ideas to get your little ones more involved within the kitchen environment!

Integrate a Blackboard

Although this won’t necessarily be installed directly onto the granite of your worktop, adding a blackboard to an area that is connected to your worktop will help encourage your child to become more creative while at the worktop – and provide you with a useful platform that you can also utilise, too!

tips for a child friendly worktop

Whether you decide to place it on the sides of the cabinet which is housing your worktop or use it as a splashback so that your child can easily follow those delicious recipes while stood at our worktop,

A blackboard that is accessible also gives your child the chance to make up their own recipes for fun – although we wouldn’t suggest trying them all; some concoctions that they come up with can sound quite ambitious!

Make Food/Items Stored on your Worktop More Fun

If you’re trying to get your child more involved in the kitchen, you’re probably going to have to make the kitchen more fun to look at in order for them to actually want to take part.

tips for a child friendly worktop

Many kitchen worktops look dull and boring – especially if they are covered in standard kitchen equipment or fruit bowls. Instead, why not swap out the boring utensils and mixing bowls for something more vibrant and colourful? This will attract your child’s attention, and coupled with a compelling story which involves each utensil being a character in your cooking story, we guarantee that your child will start to enjoy cooking even more!

Use Non-Slip Mats

Many worktops are extremely smooth which helps them be easy to clean and beautiful to look at – but it can often create a hazard in the kitchen, especially if it gets wet.

child friendly worktop

If you have children, you already know that children have an innate knack for getting everything wet, even if there’s only a tiny bit of water! Instead of risking the cake mix going everywhere because of a slippery surface making it hard for your little one to stir it properly, invest in non-slip mats which can help keep items in place.

They can really save the rest of your kitchen from a cooking mess nightmare – we promise!

If you’re looking for the perfect worktop for your home which is perfect for your children, too, please don’t hesitate to contact the Granite House team today where we’ll be delighted to help you in any way we can.