child friendly worktops

You might be thinking that the kitchen is no place for the little ones with its wide range of potential hazards: oven, fires, knives… But when you’re cooking a delicious meal by the stove to feed the whole family for dinner and you have to keep an eye on your three-year-old, you need to make your kitchen worktops safe – and fun, too, or your child will refuse to stay with you!

The Kids’ Corner

Cooking was never more challenging than when you were boiling pasta, slicing onions and having to deal with your children, who seem to be everywhere at the same time. This can be easily solved, though, if you give them their own corner. For instance, a big worktop can have enough space for you to be layering a lasagne on one side and have your children occupied with a colouring book on the other side.

Give your kids their own stool and place their snacks and favourite toys on their side, and they’ll soon prefer this place to anywhere else in the kitchen.

Lower Worktops

Is there an age to start diving into the mysteries of cooking? Getting your children interested in the cooking process may convince them to make friends with veggies and fruits. However, standard worktops are definitely too high – and often uncomfortable – for the younger ones.

What not have a lower worktop incorporated into your kitchen? You can add drawers to it so your children have enough space to keep their own bowls, glasses, dishes and cutlery. This will make them feel really grown-up!

Bullet-Proof Materials

Let’s be honest, your three-year-old entering the kitchen can be like a tornado – and not a small one, precisely. If you place any piece from your grandmother’s beautiful tea set on the worktop, chances are that it won’t survive another decade.

Instead of getting frustrated with your kids, start using dinnerware made from more resistant materials, such as rubber, bamboo or plastic. That way, no one will end up crying!

Easy To Clean

Children are messy. You may think that raisin scones are the easiest recipe, but don’t be surprised if your kitchen ends up looking as if it’s witnessed a baking apocalypse! We suggest you focus on having fun and enjoying a delicious snack – you can always clean later.

If your worktops are made of a resistant material such as granite, you will be happy to know that they are extremely easy to clean. You don’t need anything else apart from warm water, soap, and a piece of cloth and they’ll be ready for the family’s next cooking adventure.

Here at Granite House we can provide you with the most stylish and beautiful worktops for your kitchen – we’ll make sure they see your kids grow and turn into the wonderful adults you know they’ll be one day. Check out our products and if you have any enquiries contact our team – we’ll be delighted to help you choose the perfect worktop!