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The innovative 2017 additions to the Supernatural Series are the 5143 White Attica, 6134 Georgian Bluffs and 5043 Montblanc. These designs achieve the beautiful appearance of natural stone and embrace a variety of complex veins, brave colours and textures.

Moorland Fog

Our latest additions are inspired by the subtle beauty of nature. The Caesarstone quartz inspired Supernaturals achieve the attractive appearance of natural stone and carry forward a masterpiece of intricate veins, bold colors and textures.

Namibian Green

Extracted from the isolated rocky terrain of the Northern Cape region of Africa, Namibian Green granite portrays moss, sage, juniper greens, and mint meet with gentle whites and pale greys in a finely speckled movement. This remarkably versatile stone is an excellent choice for any kitchen.


A modest light grey veining adds complication and attention to the creamy white surface for a classic diffident finish which offers an astonishing velvety soft touch.

Nero Marquina

Marble originating from Spain. Dark black bacground with white subtle veins complimented with scattered fossils

Nero Marquina NM01

Neolith’s answer to a eternal monochromatic trend that exceeds interior design, style and architecture, this décor is an essential part of these introductions. Enthused by marble from Spain, Nero Marquina is a demonstration to the technical skill present at TheSize. To accomplish bright white veining on a clean black background is a task testing adequate on paper, but for a slab, a new technical avenue is arrived. For this task, TheSize has developed an exclusive method to achieve the stark divergence and distinct fine lines.


Dekton® Nilium is the simple element of the Industrial series. Inspired by a silver metal, Dekton® Nilium offers a subtle mixture of white and grey shades. The gentle appearance of warm colours characterises the beginning of the corrosion process of a material.

Noble Grey

Rich broad dark grey natural veins sweep across a moderate light grey background.


Inspired by the present craving for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration from sophisticated Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton® Velvet Texture finish.


Dekton® Orix is a worn cement in which industrial aesthetics are categorised by being steely, cold and shattered. Representing a contrast between the fresh and the worn, the colour combination is based on different shades of grey, blue and green.

Pearl Jasmine

Its vibrant hues combine white radiance with a rich palette of refined greys. The addition of its mildly blurred veins suggest a natural stone with a great character.