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Georgian Bluffs

This bright grey marble with subtle background details and streams of snowy and grey veins also has an industrial as well as natural advantage to it.

Gris Expo

The Silestone Gris Expo natural quartz worktop has a grey basis that is both fashionable and lustrous, with graining throughout.

Iconic White

The latest and whitest colour, whiter than Blanco Zeus Extreme. Lighter and clearness to the most inspiring spaces in your household. Transmits cleanliness and transparency to every and each space. Silestone properties persist the same and it converts in to a perfect companion for your kitchen or bathroom.

Iron Corten

Enthused by red oxide, the Iron Corten model is the warmest of the Iron series, offering an burst of colour to all types of spaces. Iron Corten transmits character and remains whole over time. A bold proposal due to the strong red tones inherent to iron oxide in mixture with that special copper touch.

Iron Grey

Iron Grey stands out because of the dark base in greyish tones combined with a subtle sheen giving rise to a metal grey which is stylishly presented. An metal oxide-inspired model that transmits character and remains whole over time.

Iron Moss

Iron Moss stands out for the reason that of its matured greenish brown tones which combine with the influence of the metal shine inherent to this series. An metal oxide-inspired model that transmits character and remains whole over time.

Ivory Silk Granite

Ivory Silk Granite Worktops can transform the appearance of your kitchen with a spectacular high-end finish that is long lasting, hard-wearing and eye catching. This is a soft mixture of peach and burgundy streaking on a creamy background. Its calming colours and soft waves of movement make it a popular choice for proprietors and trade professionals.


Kelya deliver a finish inspired in the natural stone with a dusky shade. Based on black marble with subtle veins, it is presented as a warmth application.


A hurricane like grey colour with a very special chromatic concentration. Keon delivers a texturized and strong visual sensation, without a sense of boredom. Inspired in natural creations of limestone and sandstone, its ground-breaking proposal is full of good taste.


The Silestone Lagoon natural quartz worktop has a delightful simple feel, with a calm white background that is enhanced with subtle and gentle veins to give it the appearance of natural marble.


The Silestone Lyra natural quartz counter top has been created to replicate the well-known Carrara Marble – a striking marble that has been charming people since the times of Ancient Rome. It has a brilliant white foundation with enchanting dark veining and has the visually outstanding appearance of marble with the hard and durable qualities of quartz.