Dekton Trilium is a dark, volcanic surface featuring powerful grey and black tones. Trilium surfaces are created with up to 80% recycled materials, becoming Dekton's first ecological worktop. This surface is a fantastic countertop piece that works as both a centrepiece design or blended naturally into its surroundings due to its neutral, darker tones. Dekton trilium has been awarded with several awards including Best of the Year 2016 from US magazine Interior Design and Product if the Year 2016 from magazine Architectural Records.

Dekton Trilium surfaces are the most scratch resistant on the market and can easily withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking. This surface is perfect for kitchen worktops and countertops due to its incredible durability and easy clean, non porous design. Dekton worktops provide an oxidised effect that is almost velvety when touched

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