Statuario Nuvo

caesar stone
CaesarStone Statuario Nuvo is a classic, creamy marble style quartz worktop featuring distinct dark grey/brown veins. This beautifully engineered quartz stone mirrors natural materials, yet its has significant advantages over natural stone and other surfacing materials due to its superior strength and quality. Staturio Nuvo surfaces add a modern yet unique appearance to any interior and work well as a center piece or as a blended feature to your space.

CaesarStone Statuario Nuvo surfaces are ideal for Kitchen Worktops, Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Countertops and Bathroom Vanities due to its incredibly resistance to everyday wear and tear. CaesarStone quartz surfaces require virtually no maintenance due to their solid, non porous surfaces that are incredibly easy to clean. CaesarStone Worktops are highly heat resistant, more so than most other stone surfaces including most granite, marble, and limestone.

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