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Enthused in natural wood, the grey hues outstand the colour of this product by giving it a touch of effortlessness. Shades that are linked to industrial and worn styles are highly sought for in the world of design.


Wengué, one of the greatest wood in the world of design because of its dusky hues with extraordinary veins, finds its Dekton equal in Borea that improves the performance of the original.


Entzo never leaves anybody unmoved, inspired in the well-known Calacatta Gold, it generates a colour that mix gold hues with the distinguishing veins of natural marble against a clean white background.


A dark veining stone texturized with petrified organism that bring us to prehistoric times. This veining prints the sincerity in any space by providing it not only with beauty but also with uniqueness and character.


Kelya deliver a finish inspired in the natural stone with a dusky shade. Based on black marble with subtle veins, it is presented as a warmth application.


A hurricane like grey colour with a very special chromatic concentration. Keon delivers a texturized and strong visual sensation, without a sense of boredom. Inspired in natural creations of limestone and sandstone, its ground-breaking proposal is full of good taste.


A modest light grey veining adds complication and attention to the creamy white surface for a classic diffident finish which offers an astonishing velvety soft touch.


Dekton® Nilium is the simple element of the Industrial series. Inspired by a silver metal, Dekton® Nilium offers a subtle mixture of white and grey shades. The gentle appearance of warm colours characterises the beginning of the corrosion process of a material.


Inspired by the present craving for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration from sophisticated Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton® Velvet Texture finish.


Dekton® Orix is a worn cement in which industrial aesthetics are categorised by being steely, cold and shattered. Representing a contrast between the fresh and the worn, the colour combination is based on different shades of grey, blue and green.


Dekton® Radium characterises a oxidized, acid-degraded steel plate and offers an aesthetic, that perfectly combines the warm appearance of orange and brown tones with the cool character of bluish and greenish shades. Under sustainable production, Dekton® Radium is made from 80% recycled material.


Mixture of colours enthused by the volcanic stones and some powerful grey and black touches. Created with up to 80% recycled material, Trillium was born in 2016, becoming the first ecological colour of Dekton®. Trilium has been granted with numerous prizes such as the Product of the Year 2016 from the magazine Architectural Records (United States)