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Moorland Fog

Our latest additions are inspired by the subtle beauty of nature. The Caesarstone quartz inspired Supernaturals achieve the attractive appearance of natural stone and carry forward a masterpiece of intricate veins, bold colors and textures.

Nero Marquina

Marble originating from Spain. Dark black bacground with white subtle veins complimented with scattered fossils

Noble Grey

Rich broad dark grey natural veins sweep across a moderate light grey background.

Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey marble is a stunning modern marble. Imported from the borders of Iran this marble is made up of ‘muddy’ Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout.

Portoro silver

A more affordable alternative to the one of the most expensive marble in the world. With black bacground with silver linear veins makes this marble very attractive for any project. combined with book matching the desing possibilities are endless.

RAW Concrete

Warm grey colour and distinctive surface brings the classic industrial concrete look. Added enhancing the overall appearance of Raw Concrete™ is the “Concrete” matt finish which brings a reliable industrial patina, look and touch to the surface and like all Caesarstone surfaces, never needs sealing. Related to the polished finish on other Caesarstone designs, the flat Concrete matte finish doesn’t cover marks as easily meaning more regular maintenance may be required.

Rugged Concrete

Coarse. Sophisticated. Rugged Concrete is an authentic, strong, industrial-inspired design. Emphasised by dramatic gradients of grey textural patterns, silvery haze coating and a coarse matt surface finish, making each slab individually exclusive. Symbolic of urban surroundings and the converted loft aesthetic, Rugged Concrete has the authentic look of a poured concrete worktop and mixes well with neutral palettes that soften its raw industrial edge.

Sleek Concrete

Sleek Concrete™ summarises the look and feel of well concrete with a warm grey base and is the best solution for those looking to form that modern industrial look, but with the toughness and ease of maintenance that Caesarstone quartz surfaces are famous for.


Statuario is a clean white marble with silvery subtle and thick veins which is one of the most sought for material in today’s kitchen design and is available in both natural and polished finishes

Statuario Maximus

Caesarstone’s new Statuario Maximus™ marble inspired design features broad deep grey veins extensive across its soft snowy base colour, further enhanced by delicate background veins. Due to the scale of this design, samples are intended only as a tonal representation of the background colour. As Statuario Maximus combines big veins with some minor unique natural difference between slabs, we encourage those of you that select this design to view your actual full slabs first hand prior to beginning fabrication.

Statuario Nuvo

Caesarstone’s understanding of Statuario marble; Statuario Nuvo brings you refined yet remarkable dark veins on a snowy background, enriched with a delicately diffused subsurface vein structure. We encourage those of you that select this design to view your actual full slabs first hand prior to beginning fabrication.

Symphony Grey

A symphony of subtle dark grey tones complimented with the rough depth of diagonal surface veins.

Turbine Grey

Next generation ‘contemporary quartzite’ with mid to dark grey veins and white structures within its unique design. At home in contemporary, transitional and country kitchens alongside natural wood, painted doors, formed iron.