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The perfect imitation of the marble Arabescato. A natural white stone with an attractive combination of soft whites and dusty greys that twirl together in a eternal marble pattern.

Basalt Black

Contained within in the Fusion series, Basalt Black is enthused by basalt rock just like the other models in the Basalt range of the same series.

Basalt Black

Inspired by volcanic rocks, Its stylishness and solidity have long made it a preferred of architects and interior designers.

Basalt Grey

Contained within in the Fusion series, Basalt Grey is enthused by basalt rock just like the other models in the Basalt range of the same series.


Beton, from the Fusion series, is enthused by a material of high architectural value – concrete. It complements a subtle industrial stylishness to settings with a modern design, exceeding all technical features.

Bianco Lassa

Bianco Lassa is extremely fashionable marble with subtle veins that go effortlessly with kitchen cabinets in any colour.


Calacatta Marble is distinctive with its dense, bold veining. Rather than the abundant soft veins of a marble like Carrara, Calacatta’s trademark is less but more dramatic and unstructured veins. Overall the colour has a world-wide appeal with designers and architects due to its calming Creamy background, gold veining, and colour tone.

Calacatta Statuario

Calacatta Statuario is a clean white marble with silvery subtle and thick veins which is one of the most sought for material in today’s kitchen design and is available in both natural and polished finishes.

Estatuario E01

The Estatuario 01 stands out due to its realistic interpretation of Statuario marble. A mixture of thick and subtle veins crossing a clean white background delivers the Estatuario with a design that displays elegance and beautifies any space where it’s used with a touch of freshness, class and exquisiteness. The Estatuario 01 is a material that is in high demand today due to the global inclination to use white veined marble in households. Estatuario by Neolith meets this market demand by offering the inherent design of this natural stone along with the distinctive resistance of Sintered Compact Surfaces.

Iron Corten

Enthused by red oxide, the Iron Corten model is the warmest of the Iron series, offering an burst of colour to all types of spaces. Iron Corten transmits character and remains whole over time. A bold proposal due to the strong red tones inherent to iron oxide in mixture with that special copper touch.

Iron Grey

Iron Grey stands out because of the dark base in greyish tones combined with a subtle sheen giving rise to a metal grey which is stylishly presented. An metal oxide-inspired model that transmits character and remains whole over time.

Iron Moss

Iron Moss stands out for the reason that of its matured greenish brown tones which combine with the influence of the metal shine inherent to this series. An metal oxide-inspired model that transmits character and remains whole over time.

Nero Marquina NM01

Neolith’s answer to a eternal monochromatic trend that exceeds interior design, style and architecture, this décor is an essential part of these introductions. Enthused by marble from Spain, Nero Marquina is a demonstration to the technical skill present at TheSize. To accomplish bright white veining on a clean black background is a task testing adequate on paper, but for a slab, a new technical avenue is arrived. For this task, TheSize has developed an exclusive method to achieve the stark divergence and distinct fine lines.

Pietra Grey

The darkest shade in the saphien stone range, Pietra Grey marble is a stunning modern marble. Imported from the borders of Iran this marble is made up of ‘muddy’ Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout.

Strata Argentum

Enthused by Silver Travertine marble, we’ve shaped Strata Argentum. A finely, horizontal-veined model in light greys which replicates the different strata of this Italian travertine that is the focus of an increasing demand. Available in our River washed finish, it replicates the original feel of the stone in its cleanest state.

Urban Anthracite

Urban Anthracite adds a dash of modern flair to kitchen and goes almost all unit colours its light surface makes an unusually urbane atmosphere