Countertop Lighting Tips

In modern interior design there is no hotter commodity than under counter lights in the kitchen. They are an amazing way to create a warm, intimate atmosphere or just a great source of additional lighting for all of your counter top needs.

The use of these lights will be the deciding factor on which lights are best suited to your kitchen. Quality lighting should accompany a quality counter top, so you should ensure that no matter your choice it complements the surface well and highlights one of the best features of your kitchen in an attractive light.

LED Strips

Bright wooden kitchen

A major benefit for installing LED lighting in order to illuminate your counter top is the extreme long life, low running costs and the different choices available as a result of this lighting solution. If you do not want to be restricted to traditional lighting then LED can be a good option for creating the lighting of your chosen colour which balances and highlights your granite counter top well. The nature of this lighting also allows to create attractive, even, lighting throughout the room.

Round Lighting

interior of luxury kitchen

These are often also known as ‘puck’ lighting due to their resemblance to the puck used to play hockey. Round lighting often gives off a whiter light which is great for illuminating your counter top perfectly during cooking, allowing you to clearly see what you are doing and prevent any unfortunate accidents. They have an attractive design which complements many modern kitchen designs. Lighting such as this is also relatively sturdy and easy to install as a result of its sleek design.

Fluorescent Strips

If you require a more intense lighting for your kitchen then fluorescent strips are the perfect option for you. Newer, improved, fluorescent lights mean that they have a much sleeker build and the delay that used to accompany turning them on is no longer a problem. These are a long-lasting lighting solution and have a lifespan that is eight to ten times longer than an average light bulb. They also use less energy, whilst still producing more light per Watt and less heat.

Your countertop is often the statement piece of your kitchen and deserves an illuminating spotlight to draw the attention of visitors. Here at Granite House we are proud to help you choose the perfect counter top to do just that – for more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic team today!

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