Choosing a Countertop Colour

Having the right colour for your countertops is one of the more important style choices you make when remodelling or designing your kitchen, as you’ll be looking at them for many years to come. The right countertop colour will enhance the beauty of the space, and of the appliances you choose.

Whether you want to complement the colour of your countertop with the appliances you’ve picked or with the wall paint colour, considering the lighting in your home and the colour of the rest of the building materials will help you choose.

Consider Your Materials

Your cabinets and your paint colour will help you decide what countertop colour looks the best in your kitchen. Taking a photo of your kitchen and taking it with you lets you have easy access to how your kitchen really looks– trusting your memory can be tricky, as you won’t know the exact shade of the materials.

Consider your appliances, too; if you bought red kitchen appliances you might want to choose a Caramel colour to tie the entire design together. With stainless steel appliances, a dark, rich colour like Eros Stellar or Nero Perla will make them stand out.



What’s Your Lighting?

The kitchen is a room where your family and friends can gather in and help you cook, and lighting is an integral part of the atmosphere. A darker countertop like Cosmic Black is the ideal choice for a kitchen with plenty of light.

If your kitchen has insufficient light, however, you might want to choose a lighter countertop colour to help make the space seem big and open; a bright colour like White Mirror will catch the light just right and prevent your kitchen from becoming a dark, small looking space.



Can’t Decide?

Sometimes a look at what colours are available can make deciding even more difficult, as picking just the one is tricky. If you love more than one colour for your kitchen, you can personalise its design by mixing your two favourite colours together.

Choosing a lighter Harvestmoon colour for your main countertops and a darker Indigoblue for your island countertops, for example, creates a stunning contrast that makes your kitchen pop. You can mix and match colours that complement each other, and have your perfect kitchen.


Designing the perfect kitchen can be tricky, but it’s a fun experience that will help give you your perfect kitchen. If you’re looking for countertops for your kitchen, here at Granite House we have over 30 years of experience providing excellent service that fits your personal requirements.

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