Sensa by Cosentino

Sensa is a granite collection presented by the Cosentino Group. Sourcing elements from India and Brazil, Sensa brings together the finest selection of stones created by nature. Each Sensa worktop is meticulously assessed to ensure each individual piece is worthy of its high standards.

Sensa is an exclusive brand with each surface lending an elegant, exotic and wholly original look to any space.


No two stone surfaces are the same, meaning that each surface provides a unique aesthetic that cannot be repeated – meaning that every single veins, texture, colour pigment and stone nuance is naturally constructed by Mother Nature – and Mother Nature alone.

Sensa worktops are more than just a natural stone surface, the brand prides itself on its unparalleled protection from everyday staining and scratching that you would expect to see in your chosen space. Unlike many other granites and stones on the market, Sensa worktops are easy to maintain in day-to-day use and cleaning is as simple as a cloth, soap and warm water.

Sensa worktops are the perfect choice for a range of home and commercial uses, from countertops to vanity tops, to flooring and cladding. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

An outdoor dining area with long marble tables
Unistone worktop
Unistone quartz worktops
Unistone quartz worktop
Unistone quartz surfaces
Unistone quartz surface
Kitchen worktop made with Unistone quartz
Unistone surfaces


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