Quartzforms is a German manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, produced using the latest engineering technologies and skills. Quartzforms worktops are crafted using the patented Brentonstone technology process that combines high-quality quartz, colour polymers and resins to create products of the finest quality on the market.

More About Quartzforms Worktops

Thanks to the durability, beautiful appearance and hygienic qualities of each Quartzforms worktops have made them a popular choice for use in household bathrooms and kitchens, with architects and designers worldwide making use of the surface to great effect. Featuring customisable textures including veins inspired by the natural stones that are used to fabricate each surface.

Quartzforms countertops are available in a wide number of unusual and quality surfaces to lend a new lease of life to both contemporary and traditional styles. The versatility of Quartzforms cannot be understated, it’s applications are vast and suit any decor style – including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, furniture and countertops for use around the home.

Quartzforms worktops have a lot to offer in the home setting. Each Quartzforms surface creates a strong resistance to common incidents that can occur in a kitchen environment. The surface sealant helps to combat the likes of food and drink staining, scratching and heat issues that can affect natural stones like granite and marble. The non-porous quality of the surface blocks harmful bacteria from building up, allowing the surface to remain bacteria-free and hygienic in day-to-day use.


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