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Okite is a state-of-the-art product that pushes the design possibilities of quartz surfaces to the limits. Made in Italy, Okite is a robust option for interior applications given its functionality in a kitchen environment, its distinguished resistance and distinctive styling.

Okite worktops are fast becoming a popular choice around the world, and for good reason, the customisability of each texture and colour scheme allows them to fit into a multitude of home decor designs or styles.


Okite is proud to offer a variety of pigment and composition options that include marble-like veins, pebble-effect shapes, and pure stone looks.

Okite worktops are produced using exceptional minerals and materials to create the most impressive product possible. Okite is created using a mixture of first-class quartz crystals and a polyester resin to form a composite material that is stronger than most naturally occurring stones, all the while maintaining the pigments and aesthetic textures that make up the beauty of stones like granite and marble. This process creates a durable, stylish and resistant surface – unparalleled in quality and performance.

Okite quartz worktops are produced using environmentally-friendly processes to guarantee s sustainable product. Being a composite material, Okite is also a great option for home and commercial use thanks to its non-porous properties and innate immunity to scratching; unlike marble, Okite worktops are safe to use in food preparation without the fear of harmful bacteria entering the surface – granting you peace of mind and a low-maintenance kitchen lifestyle.

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Okite quartz worktop
Okite quartz
Okite worktops
Okite quartz surfaces
Okite quartz surface
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