Neolith sintered porcelain

Neolith provides a wide range of technical solutions and production technologies to create an almost limitless indoor and outdoor space including countertops, vanity tops, flooring and cladding. Neolith sintered porcelain offers a wide array of worktop stylings, designs, thicknesses and colours. Neolith worktops are quickly becoming one of the most popular and respected brands in the stone and fabrication industry.


Each Neolith porcelain product is manufactured from natural, recyclable materials – granting every porcelain slab an unparalleled level of durability and versatility. Neolith worktops are not made with the stone fabrication staples of resin or polymer, instead, Neolith porcelain is produced through the sintered stone process.

Neolith surfaces are not just reliable and strong, but they also hold a number of properties that most natural stones cannot boast. Neolith worktops are resistant to common scratching, bending, staining and low temperatures. Each Neolith slab is resistant to UV rays, so outdoor use is safe and will not damage or warp the surface.

Neolith has conducted vast research and pushed the boundaries of innovation using state of the art equipment and process to create the perfect surface for any home or commercial space.

High-tech and ultra-compact – Neolith worktops are the ultimate surface for interior and exterior furnishing.

White worktops with red cabinets
Neolith surface
Neolith worktops
Neolith worktop
Neolith countertops
Neolith countertop
A modern kitchen with wooden aesthetic


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