Dekton Compact surfaces

Dekton is the latest innovation from Cosentino, the team behind Sensa granite. This compact and sleek surface is produced using a mixture of porcelain, quartz, and glass; offering unparalleled functionality and durability that many have come to expect in their indoor and outdoor spaces.


Each Dekton surface has been meticulously crafted to create individual tone, texture and colour options. The Dekton range is available in a number of finishes including Xgloss: high-end polishing and water-resistant properties, Ultra Matte: matte surface with an emphasis on simplicity, and Ultra Texture: natural wood, marble and slate designs.

The raw materials that make up the surface of each Dekton worktops are perfect for all indoor and outdoor needs. The high resistance to UV rays found within each Dekton surface makes it a great option for outdoor use, without losing the durability and aesthetic of the surface.

Dekton worktops are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also provide any outdoor and indoor area with a wide range of resistance to household staining and surface scratching. The material is non-porous ensuring that the surface is resistant to abrasive cleaning products and common kitchen stains. Dekton is also highly resistant to the heat created by the likes of hot pans and boiling water.

Dekton worktops are guaranteed quality for decades, with a versatile surface that will make for a unique addition to any home or business.

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Dekton Surfaces
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Dekton Surfaces
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