Cimstone worktops are an ideal option for kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces within the home. Cimstone surfaces are manufactured using an advanced technological process that merges genuine quartz pieces (93%) with polyester pigments and a resin binder (7%).

Cimstone worktops are crafted with a wide range of surface finishes, colours and design options that lend a certain elegance and style – with popular additions including glass and pebbles to provide more uncommon characteristics to your living space.


Cimstone offers a certain elegance and style that is wholly unique to the brand. Cimstone can create a range of colours and textures to complement any style of decor. Whether you are looking to make use of a more minimalist and traditional setting, or are in the market for worktops that match a more contemporary and modern setting. Cimstone worktops offer a range of polished finishes to ensure a smooth surface.

The manufacturing process of Cimstone results in the worktop surface that is tougher and more refined when compared to other natural and manufactured stones including granite and marble. Cimstone is also a non-porous surface that offers a hygienic option to those who are looking for a kitchen countertop that will remain stain-free, scratch-resistant and low maintenance for decades after use. Most Cimstone worktops simply require warm water, surface cleaner, and a cloth to stay clean.

Cimstone worktops
Modern kitchen with white and red tiling
Cimstone countertops
Cimstone countertop
Cimstone surface
Standard kitchen with black tiled walls
Cimstone Surface


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