Municipal Hotel Liverpool Case Study

Over the years, Granite House has developed a strong reputation for being able to tackle any project. Regardless of scale or complexity, our team is always willing to rise to the challenge and deliver on a client’s expectations.

Our recent work on Liverpool’s Municipal Hotel is the perfect example of the determination that defines us.

Before the project began, we met with Hurst Joinery to map out its direction. Collaboration is pivotal to our success, and we have spent many years perfecting our collaborative process so that we function like a well-oiled machine. In addition to this, our seven-year working relationship with Hurst meant that this project was smooth sailing right from the get-go. The prevailing attitude on both sides is that everything was straightforward from start to finish.

The work itself consisted of several new surfaces to be sourced, fabricated, and installed in the prestigious Liverpool hotel. This included the fabrication of a gorgeous new Silestone spa. The unique blend of materials that give Silestone its character is one that other fabricators may not be able to source or produce, and this is one of the many reasons why we were chosen for this specific project.

Read on for the materials rundown:

First impressions count, so we chose the stunning Levantina Techlam porcelain as the material of choice for the hotel’s reception desks. Warm, welcoming, and luxurious, this material immediately conveys the perfect first impression to any guest signing in for a lavish stay.

In our material selection process for the hot counter, heat resistance was our top priority. We ultimately opted for Dekton Entzo porcelain, which not only met our heat resistance requirements but also added an appealing aesthetic touch. Beneath the counter, we installed induction units, ensuring both practicality during cooking and a flawless countertop appearance when not in use.

For the main bar and islands, it was all about the luxury. Therefore, the exquisite Arabescato Marble was the obvious choice. This elegant material provides a touch of opulence that perfectly complements the ambiance of this prestigious hotel. Not only that, but the marble’s durable qualities enable it to survive even the busiest nights.

Lastly, we reach the spa, where aesthetics took centre stage. For this reason, we handpicked a Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold worktop that boasts a captivating concrete effect and a lavish frost top finish. This material is also the inspiration for Dekton Entzo, which we mentioned earlier, and they complement each other wonderfully. The synergy between these two materials has contributed to a pleasingly cohesive atmosphere throughout the hotel. Moreover, the inherent resilience of quartz, along with its ability to seamlessly complement water, made it the natural choice. Although we had a long wait for this material, shipped all the way from France, it was absolutely worth it in the end.

The confidence our clients have in us to not only accept projects that may be considered too large or complex, but to execute them with ease and success, is why we have developed such a trusted reputation in the worktop fabrication industry.

“We’ve worked with Granite House for the last seven years. They’re a very good, professional company.”

 Hurst Joinery

In line with ongoing practices, we followed the ISO 9001 system to ensure seamless execution of the project. This meant that there was a plan for every task and everyone had a full understanding of their role. As a result, everything that followed – e.g. the ordering of materials from multiple countries, complex fabrication, etc. – unfolded precisely as scheduled, without delays.

It was a great joy to work with Hurst Joinery, whose highly responsive nature made this project an even more efficient one. Every request was answered promptly and we always received the information or resources we needed as soon as possible.

Getting to finally see the finished project after weeks of meticulous planning and hard work was an absolute thrill, as it always is. Be sure to visit The Municipal Hotel Liverpool to see our craftsmanship first-hand.

Ultimately, we go where fabricators fear to tread, and that’s why you can rely on us to bring your dream project to life.

If you’re interested, call our team on 01704 228574 or email us at [email protected] – we’re happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can also visit our Preston showroom at Strand Road, Preston, PR1 8XL.

Alternatively, feel free to browse hundreds of unique and diverse materials in our online catalogue for inspiration. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to view our most recent projects.

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