A kitchen featuring modern trends

Are you looking to update your kitchen? Choosing the perfect colour scheme and materials can be a daunting task, but we are here to provide you with some design inspiration. This guide will wrap up the ultimate 2021 kitchen trends that will turn your outdated kitchen into the space of your dreams. Even if you don’t want a complete revamp, simply choosing a new island or painting the walls can give your space a whole new look!

Sustainable Kitchens

Sustainability has never been more important, and although it is more commonly linked to diet and lifestyle, your furniture and decor can be sustainable too! Why not create a space that is environmentally friendly and also encompasses your chosen style? Sustainability is all about buying materials that have longevity, rather than opting for the cheaper option that is likely to wear down within a shorter period of time. Many granite and quartz countertops last a lifetime with the right care, so pairing this with recycled furniture and giving the walls a new lick of paint can create a modern, chic design that can fit pretty much any style you like. Using paint for furniture also makes it easy to change up the look of your kitchen without the need to buy new materials, making it a much more cost-effective option.

Marble Effect

Marble countertops will immediately give your kitchen a more luxurious and elegant look. This material is a timeless classic and perfect for those who are aiming for a universally stylish and modern design. Quartz can be made in almost any design you can think of, so many people opt for quartz countertops that have a marble effect for their kitchen, rather than marble itself. This means that you can achieve the sleek look you desire with the durability that makes quartz such a popular material. The addition of gold accessories and taps can help you to achieve the full opulent effect that has become such a popular trend. As no marbled pattern will ever look exactly the same, you are guaranteed to have a kitchen that is unique to you.

Silestone eternal range

Infiniti Oro/vagli/Lincoln

Caesarstone Supernaturals

Compac Unique Calacatta

Colourful Kitchens

People are looking to experiment with bolder shades in 2021, and we’ve found that pairing a pop of colour with a more neutral look can create a striking effect. Whilst the standard white kitchen with granite worktops is a classic that will never go out of style, incorporating a bright colour of your choice can elevate the design. If having an entire kitchen full of colour would be too dramatic in your home, choosing one colour and using it for appliances or part of your wall allows you to experiment with colour without it being too overwhelming. Always consider the lighting of your home and the colour of the rest of the building appliances when choosing your countertop design, as you don’t want parts of your kitchen to clash with elements of the final design.

Industrial Style

Our next 2021 kitchen trend is the industrial style. This has been sought after for a couple of years now, and we don’t see it losing its popularity any time soon. If you love modern, dark interiors with elements of copper, this look may be the one for you. Although the industrial theme may look like it’s difficult to achieve, simply using darker coloured granite or quartz and incorporating lots of metal appliances can give off this effect. Dark wood, charcoal walls and copper accessories all work together to create this timeless classic. The industrial style is a versatile concept that can be adapted to suit the tastes of the individual, so even if you just want to incorporate certain elements such as dark walls or metallic appliances, you can still take inspiration from these ideas.

Dekton Trillium

Caesarstone rugged concrete

Airy Concrete Caesarstone

Neolith Beton

Sage Green

namibian green granite sample

Sage green is fast becoming one of the most popular colours around, with more and more people wanting to incorporate it into their kitchens. Whether it be paint, cupboards, worktops or appliances, there are so many ways you can add this pop of colour into your home. You don’t always need to buy an entirely new kitchen to achieve the look you desire, simply painting pieces of furniture or buying sage green appliances can have the same effect! Painting your cupboards sage green can really give your kitchen the wow-factor, transforming an area that was plain and standard into a bright and inviting space.

Traditional Designs with a Modern Twist

Traditional designs such as sleek granite worktops and neutral tones will never go out of fashion, but it’s easy to take these themes and give them a modern twist with a pop of colour or some new appliances. Quartz can be used to make pretty much any colour or pattern for your surfaces, so you can create a unique and modern look for your kitchen. However, If you don’t have the budget for new surfaces, simply choosing a modern element that you like such as copper appliances or a splash of colour can still give you that same ‘new kitchen’ feel.


Achieving your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By narrowing down your favourite styles from these 2021 trends, or even mixing parts of each idea together, you can create the space you have always wanted. Although certain kitchen designs often come in and out of fashion, you don’t have to completely redesign the room in order to remain on-trend. Choosing timeless countertops made from durable material like granite or quartz, and pairing this with elements of certain themes you like, such as pops of colour or metal frames, can be a cheaper alternative.