A kitchen with white granite worktops

Quartz is a beautiful, polished material that makes any worktop look pristine. It’s highly durable and non-porous nature makes it an exceedingly good choice for your kitchen needs. Quartz is excellent for a kitchen environment, making use of a strong polymer resin that grants a high level of protection from stains, scratches and shock damage.

However, it is not completely resistant to damage. Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure it does not get scratched or stained.

Follow this guide for tips on taking care of your quartz worktop.


Everyday Cleaning

Quartz doesn’t need any rigorous routine apart from wiping up any spills as soon as possible. A soft abrasive cif cleaner can be used sparingly for more stubborn dried marks.

This is the advantage of it being one of the most maintenance-free worktops.

For general cleaning and wiping, no matter the situation, you’ll want to clean your worktop with a microfibre cloth. This is because microfibre cloths are specially designed to leave a shine on polished surfaces. Plus, their absorbent nature means they won’t leave behind watermarks.

Dip the cloth in warm water and use a gentle soap/detergent when you begin the cleaning process. Doing this regularly is a way to safely ensure your worktop is consistently clean and protected from damage.


General Tips

Now that you’ve got the routine basics down, here are some general tips to remember about keeping your worktop pristine:

  • Avoid any harsh chemicals such as bleach, as they can cause great damage and spoil a quartz worktop
  • Always use water in the first instance of cleaning
  • Clean any spills straight away – the longer you leave any spillage, regardless of what the substance is, the more damage is likely to occur
  • Keep your worktop dust and debris free, especially if you have other trades working in the kitchen, any hard filings of metal, glass etc can be introducing risk of scratching.
  • Do not expose your worktop to high temperatures this can cause irreversible damage to your top.


Heavy-Duty/Deep Cleaning

Provided you have followed the above guidance, you shouldn’t have to worry about deep cleaning. Quartz is much more resistant to staining than other materials such as granite or marble. But accidents happen! If you end up staining your worktop, there are still options to save it.

In most cases, wiping the surface with a warm, wet microfiber cloth as normal, then buffing with a dry cloth should remove the stains. In extreme cases, you may need to use a specialised cleaner – but remember, stay away from harsh chemicals!

Ultimately, quartz is a remarkably resistant material that should provide a generally painless maintenance experience. But with the above tips in mind, you’ll be ready to rock.


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