choosing the perfect worktop

Your kitchen worktop goes through a lot every day – from unloading all those shopping bags to preparing your beautiful, hand-cooked meals – so it’s vital that you can pick the right surface for your needs. The way it looks is equally important since you probably want it to match your interior design without clashing.

This means that there are many elements you need to consider before choosing a worktop, from the perfect colour that will match the rest of the kitchen to the materials it should be made of.

Striking the perfect balance between aesthetic and practicality is, therefore, essential.


Some worktops will be more cost-effective than others, so you’ll want to shop around until you find the one that will meet your budget requirements. Laminates tend to be cheaper and, while they’re still aesthetically pleasing, you may find that, unlike natural materials like granite, they get damaged by sharp or heavy objects easily – and hot pans can leave scorched marks on the surface.

While it may be tempting to hold back on this cost and opt for a cheaper alternative, you may be dissatisfied with the final product, so investing in the best worktop for you will yield the best results in the long run.


For your worktop to look good you don’t just need to pick the right colours and patterns for your kitchen, although that’s also very important, but also the thickness and height of the worktop. This means that you can create definition and differentiate between working zones – and fit stools or chairs so that you can prepare food comfortably.
choosing the perfect worktop


It crucial that you consider how much your worktop will be used and by whom, as factors such as these can affect its durability and maintenance process, for instance. Glass is a material that stains easily, so it may not be ideal if you have children; you should also consider if you want your worktop to be heat-resistant, which is especially useful if you do a lot of cooking and want to freely move around.

Hygiene is usually a concern, so you can also opt for a material that will be easy to clean and has anti-bacterial properties, such as stainless steel. This material, however, scratches very easily, so if you want a pristine worktop this may not be the right choice.

You may want to think about function as well. Worktops are used differently, depending on the household, so you need to think about how your kitchen can benefit from these surfaces. Hardwood, for example, is great for food preparation, but can quickly become stained if it’s not cleaned immediately after a spill. Granite is easily maintained and preserved, besides looking great in any kitchen, but can become damaged if you use abrasive products to clean it.

In order to choose the perfect kitchen worktop you need to take several factors into consideration – to achieve the best result, it’s vital that you reach the right compromise between all of these elements, so that you can end up with the perfect choice for you and your kitchen.

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