Trade and Granite House


Did you know that here at Granite House, we don’t just supply our services to domestic customers? That’s right, we also provide a full trade service alongside our domestic services, too!

It’s never been easier to get your hands on high quality, natural worktops in the trade sector, and we’re excited to be able to provide you with such!

But what does this mean for you? Will it improve your service by working with us?

You Will Receive a Personal Service

One of the aspects of our domestic services that we pride ourselves on is the level of care that we show each and every one of our customers. We like to make sure that we’re giving the best possible service, and that often means working closely with each customer closely to accommodate any needs or requirements they may have.

We extend this to our trade clients, too, as we realise that not every project that you will be undertaking will be the same. This personal approach allows us to work alongside you to give you the products that you need, as well as our unrivalled support – a real personalised service!


As we’re in the trade industry ourselves, we know just how frustrating it can be to have to rely on someone else to get you the materials to do the job. It pushes all the rest of your work back, and you end up not enjoying your work as much as time becomes more of an issue.

With Granite House, you can guarantee reliability. We want to make sure that you can get on with your projects without having to worry about time limits. We strive to deliver our materials on time, every time, so that you can get on with your projects as soon as possible!

We also guarantee the quality of the materials that we supply –we only stock the best. Quality is something that we’re very particular about, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to only sourcing the best possible materials available, meaning that you’ll never get a substandard product!

Value for Money

Cost is a huge factor that many in a trading profession look for when investing in material for projects. You need to stay on budget while still making a profit for the work that you are undertaking.

Here at Granite House, we understand this, and ensure that you’re not paying over the odds for the materials that you purchase through us. We want to help you be as successful as you can be, both with the quality of your work, as well as the money that you make from undertaking such important work!

Our pricing is always affordable, and we are always available to chat with you should you have any requirements which may be outside the norm.

Make sure you’re getting the best value for your money – get in touch with the team here at Granite House today to find out more information about our trade services!