With a wide range of countertop materials like granite, solid surface, quartz, and ceramic, choosing the right material for your home can seem daunting. Each material has its own abilities that allow for durable and reliable countertops, which provide your home with a long-lasting and beautiful design.


A traditional countertop material, granite is more durable than marble. The surface doesn’t get damaged by placing hot items on it, and its non-porous trait ensures that you have a sanitary working space. Granite adds value to your home should you ever decide to sell, as it’s a material that will always be in style.

Once sealed, granite is stain resistant, which makes it a great choice for a kitchen environment. The natural minerals provide depth and a unique look, ensuring you have a completely individual countertop. The easy maintenance and cleaning make it family-friendly – which means you don’t have to worry about it, as it will always look good!

Granite countertop materials

Solid Surface

As a synthetically produced material, solid surface countertops come in a wide range of colours and styles. Hanex, for example, is a solid surface material available in more than 70 colours you can choose from, providing you with numerous choices for a low maintenance countertop.

The manufacturing process allows for an almost seamless look, which makes the solid surface countertops fit together perfectly with barely-there seams. They are non-porous and waterproof, assuring you that you won’t have water damage near your sink.

solid surface materials


Similar to stone, quartz allows for a variety of edging solutions. However, man-made quartz offers more design options, as it’s more flexible to work with. Diamond has a ten in the Mohs Hardness scale, and Quartz places at a solid seven, giving it high resistance to scratching, cracking, and chipping.

A quartz countertop is stain-proof, which lets you have peace of mind that it won’t have terrible stains, especially if you choose a white countertop. Its texture makes it difficult for bacteria to develop, and its non-porous feature ensures you don’t have to seal regularly.

quartz countertop materials


If you’re looking for countertops that can withstand high temperatures and not burn or scorch, then ceramic countertops are the ideal choice. Ceramic is non-porous and doesn’t need to be sealed, and the manufacturing process allows for control of colour and pigmentation for a personalised and consistent look.

Its high resistance to abrasion ensures that you have a countertop surface perfect for high traffic, as it doesn’t suffer damage easily or wear over time, which means you don’t need to re-surface or re-finish it.

ceramic countertop materials

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