Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen

With a wide range of countertop materials like granite, solid surface, quartz, and ceramic, choosing the right material for your home can seem daunting. Each material has its own abilities that allow for durable and reliable countertops, which provide your home with a long-lasting and beautiful design.

Choosing a Countertop Colour

Having the right colour for your countertops is one of the more important style choices you make when remodelling or designing your kitchen, as you’ll be looking at them for many years to come. The right countertop colour will enhance the beauty of the space, and of the appliances you choose. Whether you want to…

Is There a Standard Kitchen Counter Height?

If you’ve been looking into re-inventing your kitchen, one of the aspects that you’ve probably researched is the kitchen counter. You may think that these pieces of furniture come in a variety of different sizes as well as shapes, but many tradesmen will tell you that there’s one standard height for kitchen counters. Is this…

Trade and Granite House

Countertop Lighting Tips

In modern interior design there is no hotter commodity than under counter lights in the kitchen. They are an amazing way to create a warm, intimate atmosphere or just a great source of additional lighting for all of your counter top needs.