granite house quality materials

At Granite House, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to create truly stunning interior designs in and around your home. We also strive to bring you excellent customer service from the moment we give you your quote until after it’s all done and dusted by making sure you’re enjoying your space as much as possible with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

The difference is often in the details, which is why every project we undertake gets our undivided attention through the various stages of production, to deliver the utmost perfection for you to enjoy in your home. If you take a look at our showrooms you will be able to get an idea of the quality of work that we produce so you can invest your trust in our company as well as getting some design ideas for your own project!

Your kitchen, your way

Throughout our whole process, your needs and requirements are our highest priority and we’ll do our best to complete your project with all your preferences in mind. With all the decisions you’ll make along the way, you’ll receive step by step advice from our experienced team.

With the key decisions in your hands, we can work around your ideas and your schedule as we liaise to discuss measurements, materials, colour ways, etc, during the template stage, and one of our representatives will come to your home and finalise details on layout.

We believe that this should be your kitchen, not ours, which is why your input is vital to the planning and production of the finished product. However, if you don’t have any specific ideas in mind, we can supply a range of suggestions from our previous projects to give you a better idea of the spaces we transform.

Invest in our services

We know that having new installations in your home can be a serious investment; but you’re not just paying for the materials, you’re paying for quality service. This is why we aim to work to the highest standard and as efficiently as possible with quick turnarounds of your templates. This usually takes around 5 working days, providing you haven’t chosen a specialised design.

We can’t stress the importance of detail enough; it shows in our work, and will show in the work we do for you too, as we like to keep a level of consistency. We can also aim to have your kitchen installed within 2-4 hours, taking into account all the proper precautions so as not to damage your house.

Of course the job won’t be finished until we have your approval, which is why we encourage our customers to thoroughly check the installation and ensure it’s to their standards before signing an acceptance sheet.

After giving you all the advice you need on maintaining your worktops, we can leave you to enjoy your new kitchen for years to come. Whether you decide on granite or quartz worktops in Cheshire, we hope that whichever kitchen you choose, you’ll hire our services to help you create the perfect space in your home. For enquiries about our services, contact us at 01704 228 574, otherwise you can also find us on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.