Opting for quartz worktops is a choice made by many homeowners, since the finished product is durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, quartz offers more possibilities in terms of design, as it’s capable of providing colours and textures not found in natural products like granite. Another great reason to choose this material instead of marble or granite is that quartz is waterproof, so it doesn’t require special treatment with a sealant for long-term maintenance.

As leading providers of quartz worktops in Lancashire, we understand that you want your kitchen to look its best, and to make sure your worktops remain as good-looking as they were the day they were installed, you can follow these suggestions:



Cleaning a quartz worktop is simple. It usually involves a microfiber cloth and warm water and, if you really need to, a mild detergent. While quartz is a scratch-resistant material, you should still avoid abrasive products like scrub pads to prevent damage to the surface; you should also use cutting boards and avoid sharp blades on the worktop. After wiping the worktop down, rinse with clean water to remove any residues of soap or detergent.

Barbecue Cutlery on non quartz worktops

Preventing Stains

It’s essential to avoid the spill of chemicals on your quartz worktop, but even other milder spills, like lemon juice and cooking sauces, should be prevented. Likewise, the presence of substances like nail polish removers and bleaches should also be avoided.

To prevent a permanent stain you should clean any spill right away, so that it doesn’t become dry or get absorbed by the worktop. Once again, non-abrasive pads and mild detergents are enough to clean a quartz worktop. If a spill dries on the quartz, the best solution is to apply a mild cleaner like cif to soften the stains, and then remove the materials stuck to the stone, gently.

quartz worktops in a kitchen


While quartz offers more resistance to heat than granite or marble, for example, it can withstand it only momentarily before cracking or staining (since it’s a possibility that the resin mixed with the quartz might melt). The sudden changes in temperature can be enough to permanently damage the worktop, so placing hot pans on the quartz is not recommended. You should always use a trivet instead.

Here at Granite House we hope you find these tips useful and that you can get the most out of your quartz surfaces. For more information about our worktops, contact us or call us on 01704 228 574. You can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.