No two kitchens will ever be exactly the same thanks to the varying shapes and sizes of different kitchens.

Each kitchen will have a kitchen layout which will work best, so it’s important to educate yourself on the different layouts that are available if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen.

Lifestyle and requirements that you have of your kitchen may also influence the way in which your kitchen layout is determined, so make sure you are pinpointing what you need your kitchen to have and how much you use it when choosing a new kitchen layout.

Here are five of the most common kitchen layouts that we see in homes up and down the country.


A galley layout in a kitchen consists of a long line of cabinets topped with a worktop. This layout is perfectly streamlined, making it the go-to design for kitchens which are long and narrow by only taking up space on one wall rather than two.

Modern red kitchen interior 3d

It may seem like this ultra simple kitchen layout won’t house much in the way of storage, but it can be quite deceptive if designed right. Taking advantage of the upper areas of the walls for additional storage is highly recommended, making it the perfect environment for those cooks who prefer to have everything within arm’s reach.

Double Galley

If you have a larger space that allows for storage on two walls of your kitchen space and still want to benefit from the streamlined design of the galley layout, then the double galley is perfect for you.

With even more storage space available, you can make your kitchen look and feel busier without over cluttering. Lighting plays a huge part in a double galley layout, with under cupboard lighting being one of the more popular lighting choices to make the room feel even more spacious.


Island kitchen layouts have become increasingly more popular over the years, with many new builds opting to create island kitchens from the start.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

They are more suitable for medium to large kitchen spaces, making the island easier to access and use. These islands are often used as additional preparation areas or to house a kitchen appliance such as a sink or an oven and hobs in a more accessible place.

Islands act as an additional counter, perfect for houses which have a lot of food preparation to do on a regular basis!

L Shape/ U Shape

If you like having order in your kitchen then an L shape layout is probably the one for you. This is still an incredibly popular layout with many kitchen designs, mainly due to the fact that it gives the corners of your room a practical purpose.

L shaped kitchens are best suited to smaller kitchens were storage space is essential- you have the added space in the corner of your room which may be unused in other layouts.

There is also a slight adaptation of the L shaped layout which makes it perfect for a medium sized kitchen. Instead of continuing around two walls, the U shaped kitchen will take up 3 instead, extending the amount of storage space you have available.

Both these designs also allow for a dining area to be placed in the kitchen, providing the kitchen is big enough.

No matter what shape kitchen you decide on, our experts are able to provide you with some of the best worktops in Cheshire. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, we guarantee that we’ll have a durable worktop to suit your needs.

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