We’re incredibly close to Christmas now, and although many people will already be preparing their kitchens for the busiest time of year wood-wise, we’re predicting that many of you still haven’t settled on a meal plan for Christmas Day.

Although turkey is heavily associated with the Christmas period, not everyone wants to or enjoys the traditional Christmas dinner.

So clean down those beautiful granite worktops and get cooking these 4 incredible Christmas dinner alternatives!

Spinach Pie

Who says you have to have a Sunday dinner style meal on Christmas day? Our mouths are watering at the thought of grabbing a slice of spinach pie instead!Alternative Christmas Spinach Pie

This light, tasty main dish is perfect for vegetarians or people who simply want to have something different for their Christmas meal. The cheesy spinach filling is delicious and a welcome addition to the menu as a quick, no fuss alternative.

This dish takes about 30 minutes to prepare and make, so your guests won’t be sat around with their bellies rumbling for long!

Beef Wellington

Many people feel intimated by tackling a beef wellington dish, but in fact, they are pretty straightforward and easy to cook once all the preparation is done.

alternative christmas beef wellington

Not only will your guests welcome the change of meat from the usual turkey dish they are used to, but we think that having a beef wellington in the middle of the table will make your Christmas Day stand out from all the rest- the finished product looks incredible!

Taking around an hour to prepare and cook, this is a great dish to wow your guests with. Serve with roast vegetables and a red wine gravy.

Peking Duck

Duck is the perfect bird to get if you aren’t expecting many guests around your table and are worried about food wastage.

Try and mix it up this Christmas by serving your guests a delicious Peking roast duck dinner. Complete with pancakes and hoisin sauce, we guarantee that your guests will love the option of having a Chinese meal on Christmas day that’s homemade!

alternative christmas peking duck

This dish does require quite a bit of preparation as the duck will need to sit and dry for around 8 hours while absorbing the flavourings and spices to really bring out the succulent flavour.

Salmon En Croute

If fish is more your thing, then we definitely recommend rustling up a Salmon en Croûte for an impressive, juicy fish dish.

Again, this is a delicious, light alternative to the heavy, sleep-inducing turkey dinners that we are used to. Stuffed with soft, succulent salmon and herby butter, we guarantee this dish will melt in your mouth.

alternative christmas Salmon En Croute

A salmon en Croûte will take just over an hour to prepare and cook, and we recommend that you serve it with either boiled new potatoes or roasties and vegetables with a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of your beautiful kitchen. Having enough space and a light, bright environment to cook in definitely makes a difference to the food that you cook in it.

If you are looking to re-vamp your kitchen in the new year and are wanting to invest in some of the most durable granite worktops in Lancashire, then speak to the team here at Granite house. Call us today on 01704 228574 or head over to our Facebook page.